Woodstoves Project of Bagepalli Coolie Sangha

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(Version 04.1, 11 April 2012)

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ADATS and the Bagepalli Coolie Sangha are developing a Woodstoves CDM Project for families who cannot build Domestic Biogas Units due to lack of space or availability of animals. This project will be financed with loans that End User families take from their respective CCFs, to be repaid through the sale of GS CERs that they generate from the second year onwards.

BCS is a 25 years old community based organization which aims at improving livelihood of small land and landless poor agriculture labour families by giving them an identity and protection, and supporting them in their struggle against social issues. BCS is implementing a Gold Standard CDM Improved cook stove project for 4,500 such Coolie Sangha families to reduce the dependency on fuel wood for cooking and heating water purposes in the biomass deficit region of Chickballapur district, Karnataka.

Bagepalli Coolie Sangha conducted the Gold Standard stakeholders' meeting for the CDM project activity "Micro Scale Improved Cook Stove Project of Bagepalli Coolie Sangha" on 10th March 2012 at Bagepalli. The consultation process was very useful and inputs were received from primary stakeholders. We thank you all for the inputs.

In accordance to the guidelines of the Gold Standard, a Stakeholder Feedback Round should be conducted, which covers all issues raised in the local stakeholder consultation meeting and how due account was taken following the stakeholders’ comments. A report of the stakeholder meeting, the Project Document Design (PDD) and Draft copy of the GS Passport has been prepared which describes about the project and the monitoring methods for sustainable development indicators. These three documents can be downloaded from the following links:

We encourage you to kindly download these documents and give your valuable comments and suggestions on the Local Stakeholder Consultation report, PDD and the Passport document. We request you to submit your valuable comments and suggestion in the next 60 days.