Bagepalli CDM Biogas Programme (Gold Standard)

3.5 years after registration as a CDM Project with the UNFCCC, the Bagepalli Biogas CDM project got registered as Gold Standard Project on 22 July 2009. Please see for details. It was certified that emission reductions generated from this CDM Project are not only real and verifiable, but also make measurable contribution to sustainable development of the poor and benefit their communities.

The use of biogas as a cooking fuel brings an improvement in the overall quality of life in many ways for End User families as a whole, and women in particular. The project has reduced drudgery of women and children. Women have easy access to energy at the turn of a knob, while earlier they faced severe hardship to collect fuel wood on a weekly basis, and get kerosene through the public distribution system once a month.

Benefits are in terms of time saved in fuel procurement and cooking, improved kitchens and convenience, and reduction of drudgery of transporting fuel wood to the homesteads. Since the time saved is used to take up an additional economic activity and earn a little, or to look after their children. Thus the project has resulted in social, environmental and economic development for local communities.