The Celina Cow Fund

What is the Celina Fund?

Celina Fund

Alf Bjørseth of Scatec AS, Norway, set up a revolving fund to be managed by the Bagepalli Coolie Sangha in order to provide interest-free loans for Coolie women to buy milch animals and earn an income.

Profile of Women Borrowers

Progress to date

Celina Fund

The Fund has a capital of Rs 3,064,500. As on 19 Apr 2019, 65 loans totaling Rs 1,964,402 has been given to as many women to buy crossbred cows. 1296 installments have been repaid, totaling Rs 1,080,005.

An average of Rs 30,221 has been borrowed by each woman. On average, 83% of the loan amount has been used to buy the Crossbred Cow; 18% on Insurance cover; 4% on transport, buckets, chains, etc.; and 5% on fodder and feed concentrates.

Being the poorest of the poor, these women have to be handheld to manage such costly cows. 5 ADATS Extension Workers, one per Taluk, do this through regular field inspections. They are available to every single Loanee, day and night, by mobile phone. Women call in panic whenever something goes wrong and our Extension Workers respond by taking a veterinarian, holding a special Mahila Meeting to iron out some issue, or simply talk to them till they calm down.

Taluk Extension Worker No. of Borrowers
Bagepalli Towfeeq Ahmed 17
Chintamani Nazeer Ahmed 23
Siddalaghatta Shanthi 15
Gudibanda Prasuna Desai 10


You can participate in the Celina Fund with any contribution. However, support of € 550 will assist a single poor woman buy a cow and improve her financial status. Every Euro you contribute will, exclusively and entirely, go to assisting a woman.

Nothing will be kept back for administration/overheads, under any name or nomenclature! Please click here to contact Alf Bjørseth.

Case Histories


Please click here for a full description of the ADATS organization, which is Marcus Fund's partner in India, who implement this project through their existing staff & infrastructure. ADATS has, for more than 32 years, assisted Coolie women in this region.