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Funders Funders

ADATS is supported by its Northern Partners who are NGOs in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, and New Zealand. The European Union is a back-funder through the ADATS Consortium, and the New Zealand Government through their Voluntary Agency Support Scheme.

From December 1977 to 24 May 2018, ADATS received a total of Rs 1,017,664,607 in foreign contributions, and Rs 3,743,856 in the form of vehicles under the deemed export scheme.

Chart of Funders

Funding PartnerTotal GrantsYears of support

Joseph Haydnlaan 2A,
P.O. Box 8190,
3533 AE Utrecht,
the Netherlands.

Rs 292,000,10429%1980 to date
EED (formerly EZE),
Ulrich von Hassel Strasse 76,
53123 Bonn

Rs 219,342,12722%1987 to date
Mauritskade 9,
P.O. Box 30919,
2500 GX den Haag,
the Netherlands.

Rs 69,142,7737%1980 to 1997
Rest House Crescent,
Bangalore 560 001.

Rs 12,396,4211%1979 to 1993
Save the Children New Zealand,
P.O. Box 6584,
Marion Square,
New Zealand.

Rs 160,906,35916%1997 to date
Velcan Energy,
75, Boulevard Haussmann,
Marion Square,
75008 Paris,

Rs 61,933,6926%2005 to date
Post- og besøksadresse
Sommerrogaten 13-15
NO-0255 Oslo,

Rs 11,483,5401%2007 to date
(Action fur den Coolie Sangha,
DFID, and occasional individuals)

Rs 15,636,8952%

ADATS does not receive any funds from the State and Central Government, and does not act as a social contractor to implement any government programme.