Job Descriptions

Project Director

Ram Esteves

The Project Director is directly appointed by the ADATS Governing Body. His/her responsibilities are to:

Asst Project Director

Mario Esteves

The Asst Project Director is directly appointed by the ADATS Governing Body. His/her responsibilities are to:

Finance Director


The Finance Director is directly appointed by the ADATS Governing Body. His/her responsibilities are to:

Desk Workers


Desk Workers are directly appointed by the Finance Director and stationed at each Taluk headquarters.

New Desk Workers thoroughly familiarise themselves with the accounting and finance management practices at ADATS through intensive in house training at Bagepalli before going to live and work at the Taluk headquarters.

They exercise effective control on all bank accounts, including village level CSU and CCF accounts, and train women Cheque Signatories selected by their respective CSUs/Mahila Meetings.


System Administrator

Abid Pasha

The System Administrator ensures that all the hardware and software that runs InfoNeeds, our intranet solution, functions smoothly. He also tests in-house software modules that we develop to continually improve InfoNeeds and provides feedback to make them user friendly.

InfoNeeds is part of the digitization effort at ADATS and the Coolie Sangha, aimed at increasing efficiency by making decision making totally transparent and devolving all powers to tax paying Member Coolie families

InfoNeeds is designed to capture raw data, convert it into information and meet the diverse day-to-day information needs of Staff and Functionaries, enabling them to monitor development Processes and measure Results.

He reports directly to the Project Director.

Field Workers

Area Field Workers

Committed Coolie youth who are well versed with ADATS and the Coolie Sangha by virtue of having first worked in their own villages as VLWs and then somewhere else as Community Workers are selected by the Coolie Sangha to work as Field Workers. Field Workers are appointed to work in an Area of 25-30 village CSUs and report to their respective Field Assistant.

Their being both, Staff members of ADATS as well as Member Coolies of the Coolie Sangha places Field Workers in a delicate position requiring them to play a balanced and mature role in the ADATS Organogram.

After spending the mornings at the offices to deal with Coolies who visit the Taluk headquarters, Field Workers leave after lunch, every single afternoon, to compulsorily attend all the Cluster Meets of their Area and as many CSU Meetings as possible.

Field Workers need an intimate knowledge of village situations, CSU functionaries, and individual Member Coolie families. They ensure that there is no caste or communal discrimination in the CSUs, and that there is a positive discrimination in favour of Coolie women.

Field Workers are Process Owners of 5 crucial activity processes:

  1. Income Declaration to Tax Paid Membership
    including annual declaration of family income, payment of Sangha Tax, renewal of membership, and updating of family data.
  2. Baseline Making to Implementation Results
    including the making of bi-annual Customer Demands & Satisfaction (CD&S) surveys in each and every village, liaising with government offices, assisting Member Coolie families to access civic and anti-poverty benefits from the government (without involving touts and agents, mediating to settle inter-CSU and intra-CSU squabbles, and monitoring implementation.
  3. Loan Requests to CCF Rotation
    including the processing of requests, timely release, utilisation and repayment of interest-free loans taken by Member Coolie families from their respective Coolie Credit Funds (CCFs).
  4. Strategic Plan to Total Acceptance
    including grassroots exercises to contribute to Problem Tree and Objectives Tree making, translating and sharing the LogFrame in all villages, conducting meetings of Secondary Stakeholders, conducting annual Effects Monitoring exercises.

Field Workers ensure that procedural requirements designed to keep these activities subservient to larger socio-political goals are not compromised. Field Workers are directly responsible to ensure that qualities of representation (as opposed to leadership) are developed in the CSUs.

Mahila Trainers

Mahila Trainers

Mahila Trainers are woman Field Workers with special and additional responsibility to train and help Coolie women set up the Mahila Meetings and handle the decentralised budgets. In popular parlance, the term "Field Worker" often includes the Mahila Trainer as well. However, previous work experience at ADATS is not insisted upon when selecting Mahila Trainers.

The job of the Mahila Trainer is an unenviable one with a full calendar. All the below listed tasks are not carried out by them single handed. Each and every one of the Field Staff pitch in to do routine and mundane jobs like, for example, the monthly distribution of basic medicines. But there are some things like the conducting of women’s training that only they can do. Every Monday, the Mahila Trainers share experiences in the Situation Meetings.

Biogas Case Workers

Biogas Case Workers

Biogas Case Workers exclusively look after the construction, repair, maintenance, and usage monitoring of Biogas Units built under CDM Projects. Their responsibilities include:

Biogas Case Workers report to the Biogas Coordinator.