ADATS/Coolie Sangha Organogram

ADATS is a rather flat organisation with minimum hierarchy and reporting levels. The entire area of operation of ADATS is divided into "Areas" that comprise of 25-30 village Coolie Sangha Units (CSUs). Each Area is looked after by a team comprising an Area Field Worker, a Mahila Trainer and a Case Worker. Each one of them, individually as well collectively, are Process Owners of specific activity processes. They receive Performance Salaries that vary from month to month.

The 4 Processes owned by Area Field Workers are:

2 Processes owned by Mahila Trainers are:

Case Workers are owners of a single Process:

The good and timely execution of these processes lead to efficiency in the organisation. The village CSUs, on the other hands, have the responsibility to further these 7 processes into a higher level of efficacy or Effectiveness.

Senior Staff are owners of 4 support/enabling Processes that facilitate the above:

Though we try not to departmentalise, work load, specialisation, overall responsibilities and the chasing of near impossible targets do tend to compartmentalise our interests and participation.

The Organogram clearly traces the lines of reporting and control between ADATS and the Coolie Sangha, and Job Descriptions elucidate the tasks, positions, responsibilities and reporting procedures of various ADATS Staff and Coolie Sangha Functionaries.