ADATS Finances


From a very technical view point, ADATS is supported by Funding Agencies in the Netherlands, Germany, UK and New Zealand, with grants-in-aid given for specific, time-bound projects and programmes that we implement. From December 1977 to 19 Apr 2019 we have received, in this manner, a total of Rs 105,00,10,397 in foreign contributions and Rs 37,43,856 in the form of vehicles.

The European Union is a back-funder of ADATS through a Consortium of European funders. The New Zealand Government is also a back-funder, through VASS and SCNZ.

However, the relationship we have with these funding agencies is much more than a technical one. They too are NGDOs, and persons working in them are Development Workers situated in the North. As such, we recognise only a functional difference between ourselves. They are therefore our Northern Partners who share the same vision and mission with us, Development Workers placed in the South.

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