3rd Progress Report (Sep 1996)

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There has been a substantial increase in membership and coverage during the past 6 months, in spite of an adverse socio-political situation in Chickballapur Taluk. There are now 13,318 Normal Member families in 486 functioning CSUs in the 4 Extension Areas. When compared to figures from the previous Progress Report, this represents a rise of 1,305 families and 22 villages. 21% of the membership continue to be in the names of women, and population coverage has risen by 3 points to 38%. The present membership represents a total of 23,570 adults and 28,362 minors.

The increases have mainly been from the Scheduled castes and tribes who now constitute 59% of the membership. Close to half the SC/ST population and those belonging to the middle castes in the 4 Taluks are now in the Coolie Sangha.

There are now 12,745 active Member families in 454 functioning CSUs in the 4 Extension Taluks. When compared with figures in the last Progress Report, there is a drop of 573 families and 32 village CSUs in the past 6 months. This, in spite of our best efforts to prevent cancellation and woo back the dropped CSUs.

There has, however, been no substantial change in the composition of the current Membership. But, as is to be expected, there is a fall in the ethnic coverage across all 3 sections of SC/ST, middle and forward castes.

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