7th Progress Report (Sep 1998)

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A deep maturing has taken place in the rest of the CSUs these past 6 months. Perhaps it is because of a markedly increased participation by Coolie women. Or maybe because they have pondered so seriously on the economic agenda. Or even maybe because they are able to cash in on the spectacular electoral victory they had in the beginning of the year. Whatever be the reasons, the Coolies have obtained a felt presence in village society at large. Today, the neutral population look up to the village units of the Coolie Sangha to address problems that they know others cannot solve. The CSUs are trusted to uphold cherished principles like communal harmony, gender justice and fiscal honesty.

For the sake of brevity, we have prepared a taluk wise list of issues and struggles to highlight some of the contributions made by Coolies to society at large, as a separate Annex (available on request). Apart from providing immediate solutions, the tackling of issues has had the following benefits:

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